The best way to learn, is from someone who has been there.  We have been in your shoes and want to mentor you.  If there are days where you wonder what am I doing? or how do I? or what is the best way to? Learn from us how to be a better photographer and business person.  Let us work with you on what you need help with.  Every photographer is different and we will work with you on what you need to know. 

What is it that you need help with?  Is it an aspect of photography such as lighting, posing or workflow? Could it be overcoming objections, sales, business, marketing or branding?  Whatever is on your mind we are here to work with you and build a roadmap for your success.  We will design a program just for you, focusing specifically on your needs.


Investment is based on individual needs.  Customized mentoring programs can be from 1 hour to 16 hours. 

We know the challenges of running a photography business.  Everyone has days where they wonder “what am I doing wrong?” and “why is this so hard?”.  Before starting, we talk with you to find out about your business, the challenges you face and where you want go with your business.  We have been there and want to help you, with where you are struggling, and get you into super success mode.  We will share with you how we work with our clients, the secrets of up selling, attracting the right clients to us, finding out who your client is and overcome objects.  We will walk you through our work flow, client meetings and sales presentation.  We share our marketing, branding, pricing strategies and contracts with you.  We review your branding, website, marketing materials and offer suggestions tailored to your business.  


1,895.00 1 person via Skype (8 Hours - To be used at one time or broken up into 3 blocks of time) 

2,995.00 2 people

We work with you to create a space that you and your client’s will love.  Whether you are working at home or in a commercial space, our redesign will change the look and feel of your space.  We can work with any budget.  We will set up a welcoming consultation space that looks great and is functional.  We work with you on selecting the right pieces to sample and make sure they are displayed properly.  We can also assist you in creating vignettes for photographing your clients.  These ideas are geared to you, your clientele and style of photography. 


1,595.00 via Skype (8 Hours - To be used at one time or broken up into 3 blocks of time) 

4,895.00 for us to come to you, travel expenses additional (2-Days, 16 hours) we will repurpose items and help you shop for new ones

Almost there, but need a little fine tuning?  One hour of design time 250.00

This personalized, private workshop, will cover the aspects of capturing and composing wedding imagery that will wow your clients.  Before starting, we will evaluate your portfolio and find out what are the biggest challenges facing you as a wedding photographer.  You will learn how to find the light and correctly expose for it.  Marc will demonstrate the use of available and alternative light sources and the proper use of on and off camera flash.  Learn how we interact with a couple to bring out the best in them and how make any location work.  We will show you how to pose today’s brides and grooms and groups including the challenges of odd heights and the plus-size bride.  After you have captured great images, Marc shows you his workflow and how to create a storytelling album.   We will share our sales process with you and demonstrate how we up sell our clients and overcome objections. 


1,895.00 1 Person (1-Day, 8 hours at Marc & Tony’s studio in Cleveland, Ohio)

2,995.00 2 People

325.00 Model Fee