Vanessa Fulcher

/ Visions by Vanessa

“Wow! Marc and Tony are the best! Not only do they know what they are talking about but they are so personable! I was lucky enough to first, sit in one of their sessions at WPPI 2014… They are SO full of great ideas.... about the studio, about marketing my business, and about developing my brand! As for the studio, they gave me practical advice about how to best use the space and how to spend money where it matters and save money where I could. Tony had lots of design suggestions, advice about color, textures, and practical yet beautiful interior design. Marc gave suggestions about making the camera area flow better. As for marketing, they shared with me their experiences to help me not make the same mistakes they did and to set myself up for some of the successes they enjoyed! As for branding, they helped me focus (something I really needed!) They were so eager to TRULY help me! In a market where it's sometimes dog-eat-dog, it was really refreshing to have professionals who are willing to help those of us who are just getting started! I would TOTALLY recommend them to anyone wanting to set up their studio! They are AMAZING!” YOU GUYS ROCK!

RaeAnn Velarde

/ Holy Spirit Inspirations Photography

Hello, Gentlemen! “I am soooo grateful for the information that you shared!... You have inspired me to keep pushing forward and make the move to a higher level of clientele. Until today, I wasn’t sure that moving up my pricing and stepping deeper into the wedding photography business would be possible. You have gained a true fan!!…” Thank You,

Stacy Jacob

/ Stacy Jacob Photography

"What a huge impact Marc and Tony had on the way I was envisioning my studio decor and use of the space. I was really stuck and seeing it just one way and they opened my eyes to new ideas that were much more client friendly, exciting and showcased my work for better impact and higher sales. Having the opportunity to work one-on-one with them was amazing, as their experience and ideas go far beyond just what the studio looks like. They took a lot of time preparing for our meeting, researching where I'm at now and preparing ideas for what options might work for me. I've already started making some of the adjustments they recommended and one client who came in today was blown away by the difference in my entry space. Yay! Thanks Marc and Tony!!!”

Matt Bridge-Wilkenson

/ Bridge-Wilkenson Fine Art Photography

Hi Marc and Tony, “Thanks for your fantastic workshop! It was massively rewarding and the information very much appreciated.” Kind regards,